Marvelous Marmalade



Lemon & Lime

Sunshine in a jar!


Pink and sometimes Red Grapefruit

For those that love Yea Olde Grapefruitee or Pamplemousse as its known in some parts of the world



Verry Green!


Orange & Lime 

The oranges can be mandarin or sweet sicilian or satsuma...all equally delicious

Orange and Lemon

Again...oranges at the whim of the season!


 Three fruits

 Or sometimes Four ...that be, orange, lemon and grapefruit!...with a twist of lime?

Seville Orange

limited availability due to a short season


 All my marmalade is  'Itsy Bitsy' that is, chopped peel, not slivers of peel, my own unique way of cooking.  Its fruity and flavoursome ..mmmmm. Great on  hot buttered toast!  and all can be used for special Bread & Butter pudding...spread it on the bread...scrummy!