Chutney Chutney Chutney ...'Bitey'... well some of them!

Golden Cap

This chutney goes well with  pork chop, roast chicken breast - cold meats, a strong cheddar and on poppadums as a dip with a curry.  So versatile is this  chutney that it goes equally well with meats (roast chicken breast/pork chop), hot or cold and compliments all cheeses.Dip your poppadums in when eating a curry, take it with you on a picnic or spread on your everyday sandwich..its a tasty sweet, Indian spiced flavour chutney. Quite addictive , as it sneaks up on your taste buds and requests another spoonful please....


A rich, fruity, plum chutney with a kick, oh yes , tastes real sweet and blends nice with that vintage cheddar then wait a bit and wow! it explodes on your a good way. This was the first chutney I made and has a bit of a following amongst my fellow Alwestonians..hence more was asked for!



Cucumber & Cherry


Fresh Cherries and cucumber, a taste of summer...its great in a ham salad sandwich.  The cumin seeds marry the flavours and its different.  Good with all cold meats....

Date and Apricot

An onion less chutney with a little kick. Quite chunky and has mustard seeds that explode with flavour when unexpectedly chewed, Fruity indeed.



Usually made with local veggies, and seasonal and requested..bit like marmite, you either love it or hate it!.....we love it...yum yum


Peach Chutney

This is fast becoming a popular choice for the cheese board! made with lots of peach and a small amount  of red pepper and garlic.


Beetroot & Apple Chutney

Happy and earthy flavour, great with cold meats and cheese

Apple,Date and Ale Chutney

Created for the 'Three Wishes' in Sherborne, this chutney is made with Dorset Ale , fresh ginger and a hint of chilli....' Luverlee' with a Ploughman's platter!


Sweet Chilli Jam

Asked for by many, so I made it...there are two versions....nice and mild so you can dip your crab cakes in it without fear of 'tongueburn!' and of course the 'Hot One' for those that love chilli...sweet, hot and good to liven up a chicken sandwich!


Carrot Chutney

An honest, carrot and garlicky, sticky, cinnamon and star ainse tasting Chutney to put on the Cheese board or accompany cold meats winner of 1 star Great Taste 2012




As the seasons change...and the fruit and my mind! I add to the list or leave off the list, two are exactly the same. That is the joy of making small batches and the workings of an Artisan (so someone told me!) If you want it...I will make it....just ask.