Verry Berry Jams...and that Lemon Curd!



Lots of large juicy pieces.... Sublime with clotted cream and served at 'The Three Wishes' in Sherborne



A jewel of a colour and a good sharp flavour , a must have if you prefer raspberry..good news it received 1 Gold * at the Great taste awards 2010 and is UK and English Jampion 2011 also served at 'Lovecake Cafe' in Swanage  in their cakes and cream teas



Extremely fruity...too fruity for some! and a silver award at the Jampionship 2012


Strawberry Rhubarb & Vanilla


Wow! more clotted cream and a scone please!...waiting for the rhubarb....grow, my pretties,.... grow.... * Great Taste Gold star 2013


Cherries Berries and Vanilla

Formerly known as 'Summer pudding & Custard' this was a hit at last years' 'Feast of Dorset' in Wimborne. we poured the dark, fruity mass on shared croissant and declared it 'Best breakfast'! for hungry, tired traders.  The public thought so too and it sold out.....ah memories!

Rhubarb & Ginger

What a zinger! Available during the rhubarb season...its coming soon!  ...

Mango Pineapple and Ginger

This fantastic flavour was born when the rhubarb was no longer available.  Janets' son-in-law wanted a ginger jam, so this is it! Sharp and fruity and packed with Ginger with a hint of lime running through it. Add it to stir frys, nice with a soft goats cheese and of buttered toast. !!  ** gold stars from the Great Taste Awards 2011

High Dumpsie Dearie

Old fashioned Autumn flavours , equal amounts of apples, plums and pears with a good twist of fresh ginger for a subtle after flavour...won't be long till till those plums are ready!!!...been and gone!!


Gooseberry & Elderflower/ vanilla

Sweet and yet tart, loaded with gooseberries and a fresh flavour of elderflowers


Sour Cherry...sometimes with Vanilla

 The sour cherries are delicious and just to spice up their life I sometimes make a batch with the vanilla pod...just makes them taste creamy..Yum!  and * Great Taste Gold Star 2015


Passionfruit & Raspberry jam

extremely brilliant, fruity and a tart jam.... eat with caution! could wake up your tastebuds! world Jampionship winner 2013 2**Great Taste Gold Stars 2013



Lemon Curd

The eggs are free range from Foots Eggs in Bishops Caundle 


Put this on your toasted crumpet, pavolva or bake lemon cupcakes! or just out of the jar!

and..... it won Gold ** Great Taste Awards 2010





 Blackcurrant Curd....1 gold star from the Great Taste Awards 2011


Passion Fruit Curd ..extremely yummy...very popular at Charlton Horethorne Village Stores