About The Alweston Jam and Chutney Empire

About me



My name is Susan Young and I am the creator of the Alweston Jam and Chutney Empire.

I specialise in putting together the finest of ingredients with the ambition of providing the best range of jams, marmalades and chutneys in the southwest.

I have always loved cooking and have progressed from supplying take away sandwiches and  lunches in the heat of Greece to bringing my delicious preserve recipes  to your west country tables.

Its been a few years since 'Breadwinners' served the best coronation chicken sandwich in Corfu Town and my pies and cheesecake were eaten in the bars and cafes out in resort..ahh those were the days, that squeaky moped! The spirit lives on and my recipe for 'Cucumber & Cherry Chutney',travelled back with me and still adorns the nicest ham sandwiches I make here at home in Dorset.

What I do

My organisation is small - just me and my large preserving pan in a little kitchen in a tiny village in Dorset, but my Empire is expanding!  It means, I can make sure the quality of every single jar I produce is just right, so my customers will never be disappointed. All my preserves are hand made in small batches, so they'll always have that fresh home-made taste.


I take the best of ingredients and mix and match the commonplace with the unusual. Be prepared to be surprised at 'Spicey Pumpkin Chutney', laced with local 'Sheppeys' cider and delight in the old fashioned taste of my Lemon Curd. You'll be able to taste each and every lemon that's been carefully grated and squeezed in the process of making it.

I've unearthed some long forgotten but delicious recipes and, after carefully testing them myself, I believe they should be made widely available for example  High Dumpsie Dearie. I also make my own up, as requested by a friends son-in-law for a recipe with ginger.

There's so much to choose from that there's something for everyone - from classic Strawberry Jam to the amazing sweet curry spice of Golden Cap Chutney and not forgetting the sunshine on your tongue, Lemon & Lime Marmalade.

Wherever possible I only use the freshest and locally sourced products, so the gooseberries in my Gooseberry and Elderflower Jam are picked by my own prickled hand,(or even donated by my neighbours), and the fragrant florets are gathered from the local hedgerows.  In the Autumn apples, pears, damsons and plums are found on my doorstep....literally !

I don't use additives, colourings or preservatives: I believe in keeping things simple. Less is best, except for when spreading jam on your toast!